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Medium-bodied, lively and lovely. Careful blending is at the core of this “Mediterranean style” wine. Bright red in colour; perfumed on the nose, and very rewarding on the palate. This wine is so well balanced, versatile and easy drinking. Best drank young, 2-3 years from release.

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A fragrant medium bodied wine, undeniably aromatic, with distinctive notes of mulberry and plum, and occasional hints of dried herbs. A juicy, fleshy palate making it oh-so drinkable! Great drinking all year round, ideal with Spanish or Italian cured meats, green olives, Manchego cheese and crusty bread. Or rich tomato dishes such as Pizza & Pasta.  Best drank young 3-4 years from release.

Silver Medal 2021 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
Silver Medal 2021 Barossa Wine Show


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Montepulciano originates from central Italy and it is very much a 'modern Mediterranean' red, produced from our Western Ridge soils. Berries and cherries, full bodied with crunchy tannin, our fourth Montepulciano is a beauty!

Gold Medal 2021 Barossa Wine Show

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