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2016 'The Seductress' Savagnin

2016 'The Seductress' Savagnin
Final Cut

We love our Savagnin, odd variety that it is - but we have decided that the very limited area of terrific red dirt that we have is best planted to other varieties. So sadly....this year the Savagnin gave its life in order that you may have a truly unique wine experience. C'est la vie.

It was 'cane cut', but about a foot above the ground....and has since been removed. In doing the cutting we severed the roots from the fruit, allowing dehydration and concentration of the sugars, acids and flavours - and after a couple of weeks, had fruit perfect for what we all affectionately call a 'sticky'.

So please taste and enjoy our last ever Savagnin. It's rich, with aromas of raisins (funny about that....), barley sugar, candied citrus zest, and ginger. Undoubtedly sweet - but not cloying, due to the natural acidity of the variety! - with hints of jasmine, and an unusual but very attractive grapey mid-palate ( and trust me, if we could describe that better, we would!) It's terrific. Why on earth did we lop its head off?

RIP, Savagnin. What more can we say? The vines made the supreme sacrifice to bring you The Seductress.

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Sweet winemaking is a special art, involving a degree of determination at the time of pressing (the juice just doesn't want to come out!), patience, willingness to see wine losses (the juice and wine just won't settle clear, or filter easily, no matter what...), and diligence to make sure that the ferment proceeds as it should, to the point of dryness that it should. It is no sure thing, but we are delighted with the outcome this time!