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2016 Black Hinge Reserve Shiraz Cabernet

2016 Black Hinge Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
100% Estate Grown

The combination of these two noble varieties from our Schoff’s Hill single vineyard and our North Block. Shiraz vineyard are blended together to make this exceptional wine. The best of the best, handpicked, hand selected from the vineyard to the bottle.

How often do we hear "The best of both worlds"? In this case it's true - we take the flesh, the spice, the berry fruit, the generosity of Shiraz; and team it with the structure, coolness, red fruits and savoury herbs of Cabernet.

Who wins? Shiraz was once described to me as a 'blend partner' as the ugly cousin in the family photo - you just can't help seeing it. But despite the fact that it's 50% of this wine, and is genuinely generous and exuberant, the Cabernet is keeping it in its 'proper place' : in harmony.

The result of this judicious blend is a wine more approachable in its youth than either of the two would be as a single variety, but with the potential to age that Cabernet (in particular) brings to the table.

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Shiraz / Cabernet
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